Intelligently manage your life in one place.

Map out your life

Albert Einstein’s Sizung Account

Sizung gives you a unified structure to organize every facet of your life in its proper context.

Sizung is an alternative to fragmented email folders,, team workspaces, project boards, etc. that impose rigid preconceived structures on your unique life.


Drill into an issue

Einstein and Bohr discuss the nature of reality

Sizung gives you a focused space to discuss and resolve each issue in context with the relevant people.

Assign leaders and deadlines to make responsibilities and project status crystal clear.


Navigate by priority

Einstein’s priorities

Sizung’s machine learning algorithms infer your priorities so you can focus next on what matters most (instead of being interrupted constantly by whatever happened last)…

For example, Sizung undersrands that Einstein’s leadership role in the Manhattan Project is a priority over his theoretical and romantic interests.


Your Privacy


Personal accounts (registered to a private email, e.g. give you total control of your information and with whom you share it. Even our machine learning algorithms do not read your message content, relying on anonymized behavioral signals to predict your priorities.

Enterprise accounts (registered to an official work email, e.g. comply with your company’s employee data agreement.

Sizung utilizes state of the art encryption to safeguard your content, but we cannot promise to be ahead of the NSA curve at this point.



Free up to 1GB of conversations

$10/month up to 10GB

$25/month up to 100GB

$50/month up to 1TB


Please contact for pricing and customization plans.

Our Team

Founder, Managing Director

Founder, Managing Director

Daniel Marmar

Founder of ARK Mobile Finance (acquired by Cignifi Inc.), UC Berkeley (BA), University of Oxford (MBA, Saïd Scholar).

Lead Engineer

Lead Engineer

Ming Zhou

Electrical Engineering, Columbia University (MS). Information Science and Technology, Nanjing University (BS).

Analytics Advisor

Analytics Advisor

Peter Grindrod CBE

Professor of Applied Maths at Oxford University, Non-Executive Director of The Alan Turing Institute, Co-founder of NumberCraft (LWSN).

Founder, Managing Director

Founder, Managing Director

Adam Lobel

Research Fellow, Institute for Future Engineering. UC Berkeley (BA), Tokyo City University (MSc , Yoneyama Scholar).

Data Scientist

Data Scientist

Rachel Rui

Industrial Engineering, Columbia University (MS). Beihang University (BS).

Neuroscience Advisor

Neuroscience Advisor

Amit Etkin

Director of the Etkin Lab, Associate Professor of Psychiatry and Neuroscience, Stanford University. Columbia University (MD, PHD).

Co-Founder, Technology Architect

Co-Founder, Technology Architect

Sverre Wendelbo

VP Global Pre-Sales Engineering and customer success at Nexmo, Vonage (VG). University of Paris XII (BS).

UI Developer

UI Developer

Melissa Ewing

Full Stack Developer at Athenium, CS & Visual Design, Oberlin College (BS).

Capital Advisor

Capital Advisor

Doug Stebbins

Managing Director at Bentley Associates. Director, Private Equity at Mizuho Securities. University of Michigan (BA).

Board Advisor

Board Advisor

Alex Eleftheriadis

Co-Founder at Vidyo, Partner at Big Pi Ventures, 120+ Patents, Electrical Engineering, Columbia University (PHD).

Design Advisor

Design Advisor

Lisa Strausfeld

Partner at Pentagram, Designed Sugar Interface for 1 Laptop Per Child, Architecture, Harvard University (MA), Media Arts, MIT (MS).

The Mission


Accelerate a global ecosystem of high performing teams to solve humanity’s challenges.

The environmental, economic, health and social challenges we face require new models of collaboration.

In a world where knowledge and expertise are increasingly specialized and distributed, collaborations need to transcend old boundaries like institutions, disciplines, cultures and geographies.

This is not a prediction about the future, it is a description of the way the world is already working.

We call it the ecosystem economy.

The pioneers of this new way of working have been the world’s great universities, where multi-institutional, multi-national, multi-disciplinary research has become the new norm.

This phenomenon is described succinctly Nature's The Fourth Age of Research.

We are honored to count some of these great academic minds as our early adopters who have helped us architect Sizung’s logic to support the innovative ways in which they work.

Business is similarly rapidly moving in this direction, with Silicon Valley being an archetypal example.

Even the world’s largest and best resourced corporations here rely on close collaboration with universities, startups, and consultants to create transformative innovations.

This phenomenon is described succinctly in the Times piece about how Google achieved viable Artificial Intelligence.

We built Sizung to support and accelerate the ecosystem economy, by allowing our users to work fluidly across their entire ecosystem of collaborations from a single account.