An ecosystem of mission driven teams



A global ecosystem of mission driven teams to solve the world’s problems.

The 21st century’s complex environmental, economic, health and social challenges are being solved by equally complex new models of collaboration. In a world where knowledge and expertise are increasingly specialized and distributed, the highest performing teams mobilize talent across traditional boundaries of organization, sector, language, culture and geography. We call this the ecosystem economy.

This new way of working was pioneered by the world’s great universities, where multi-institution, multi-national, multi-disciplinary research has become the new normal. The phenomenon is described in The Fourth Age of Research published in Nature. Business has followed suit, with R&D relying on complex ecosystems involving corporations, universities, startups, and individual consultants collaborating to develop transformative innovations. A poignant example can be seen in the New York Times piece describing the creation of viable Artificial Intelligence.

Sizung’s collaboration architecture facilitates the ecosystem economy. Our technology design and development is informed by leaders involved in some of the world’s most complex ecosystem collaborations, and we apply a neuroscience informed understanding of how our brains organize information to allow each user to work in the most cognitively efficient style.

Personal Accounts


Accounts registered to a personal email address, ( give you absolute control of your information, and with whom you share it.

Sizung never reads or sells your data to anyone, and our machine learning algorithms rely on anonymized behavioral signals only.

We utilize state of the art encryption technology to safeguard your content, but we are not ahead of the NSA curve at this point.

Enterprise Accounts

Accounts registered to an official work email address, (e.g. comply with your company’s employee data agreements.

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