Allodeum Selects Sizung for Software Services Contract

The team at Sizung belatedly wishes you a happy and successful New Year!

Sizung enters 2019 on our strongest footing ever, with reason to be optimistic about what this year holds. Thanks to our team’s thought leadership in blockchain, including co-organizing the inaugural (an event which featured blockchain projects from over ten Asian countries), Sizung attracted the attention of Benjamin Polen, a NYC real estate professional and CEO of Allodeum (a NYC tech startup building an innovative title transfer solution).

In November 2018, Sizung secured our first software services contract with Allodeum, which features Sizung’s backend technology as a cloud-based service, as well as a blockchain integration to record transactions on an immutable ledger, and a custom user interface. The contract is a significant proof point for the value of Sizung’s core technology to organize complex workflows, in this case real estate transactions.

Our work with Allodeum is providing leverage for securing additional contracts with other companies, including a blue chip in Japan with a market cap of more than $2bn. We expect to make another big announcement later in Q1 2019!

Adam Lobel