Innovation on the Edges

On December 14 I heard Joi Ito, Director of the MIT Media Lab, speak at the Japan Society. One of his core themes was how innovation is becoming more distributed and less expensive. At the Media Lab, Joi encourages this by insisting intellectual property and resources are shared among the different working groups.

Joi also emphasized pulling things from the network as necessary, as opposed to stockpiling information and pushing it onto people who may not have any interest. This is at the core of Safecast, Joi’s movement to empower people by facilitating easy-access to data about their environments. Pulling keeps things agile and light.

Two years ago, in December 2014, while speaking with Peter Rajsingh at a holiday party hosted by <SiliconHarlem>, I first heard the expression ‘true innovation happens at the fringes.’ This really resonated, and Joi’s presentation brought that feeling alive again! Our next step at Sizung is to build an platform that encourages coders, scientists, and a diverse array of Makers and DIYers to integrate their communications with real-world data inputs. We hope this will accelerate the development of solutions to make the world a better place. Please let me know your ideas on how we can make this happen together!



by Adam Lobel