Japan Inspired Design

Last Monday I joined Japan NYC Startups for their Startup Pitch Melee. FinTech companies played a starring role among the participants, but there was also a community-energy platform, and a solution aimed at revitalizing Japanese manufacturing.

The Japan-U.S. relationship is characterized by strong economic and military ties, but there is room for more community-driven, grassroots partnerships—like Japan NYC Startups—to bring us even closer together. A tech incubator for U.S. and Japanese startups to collaborate together is something we’ve been discussing at Sizung. There is much to learn from Japan’s community-centric social compact, or wa (和, “harmony”), which is at the core of their society (and longevity). Similarly, there is much to learn from Americans’ individualism: sometimes not caring about what other people think can lead to something great!

Integrating the two has been at the heart of Sizung’s product development process. Our partnership with Agasuke, a Japanese design team, has encouraged us to “go deeper,” and has led to remarkable insights. We’re hoping to further strengthen our Japan ties this Monday night when we pitch to NTT Data, a global IT solutions provider that originated in Japan. Sizung would like to collaborate on Machine Learning to make our home screen more welcoming and intuitive, and leverage their IoT platform AnySense® to create custom alerts based on real-time data.



by Adam Lobel

Dan MarmarFuture, Sizung, ecosystem, team