The Ecosystem Economy

The existential environmental and social problems facing humanity cannot be solved by the expertise of a single team, organization or country. They will be solved by ecosystems that leverage the expertise of individuals and teams working across organizations, disciplines and geographies. This is not a prediction about the future; it is the model of collaboration already powering the most innovative projects on earth, and has the potential to deliver the solutions we need to create a world with universal access to clean air, water, food, energy, shelter, security and opportunity.

The sector which has embraced ecosystem collaborations for the longest period, and is pioneering its adoption across the broader economy, is university research. As documented in Nature's The Fourth Age of Researchthe collaborations in this sector have become increasingly multi-institutional, multinational and interdisciplinary. As research in universities continues to be a wellspring of innovation for all sectors of the economy, the most innovative companies in the world have followed suit and joined this new “ecosystem economy.” For example, Google relied on a multi-institutional ecosystem to create their breakthrough in Artificial Intelligence.

Sizung’s communication technology will accelerate ecosystem economy and the solutions we need to the world’s most complex problems. Our platform architecture integrates a user-centric communication network with team-centric organizational capabilities. As such, Sizung allows users to move fluidly across their entire ecosystem of collaborations from a single account, while staying organized and in sync with all of their colleagues.

by Dan Marmar and Adam Lobel