Ecosystem Collaborations

Sizung’s upcoming application is a digital platform for innovators to organize, accelerate and expand their ecosystem of collaborations.


The existential environmental and social problems facing humanity cannot be solved by the expertise of a single team, organization or country. They will be solved by ecosystems that leverage the expertise of individuals and teams working across organizations, disciplines and geographies. This is not a prediction about the future; it is the model of collaboration already powering the most innovative projects on earth, and has the potential to deliver the solutions we need to create a world with universal access to clean air, water, food, energy, shelter, security and opportunity.

The sector which has embraced ecosystem collaborations for the longest period, and is pioneering its adoption across the broader economy, is university research, which has become increasingly multi-institutional, multinational and interdisciplinary. Reference current trends in “The fourth age of research.” Since research in universities continues to be a wellspring of innovation for all sectors of the economy, the most innovative companies in the world have followed suit and joined this new “ecosystem economy.” For example, Google relied on a multi-institutional ecosystem to create their breakthrough in Artificial Intelligence.

Sizung’s mission is to accelerate ecosystems solving the world’s most important problems. Our new application, which is currently in development, is the first digital communication protocol specifically designed to support ecosystem collaborations. The application’s architecture combines a user-centric communication utility with enterprise-specific collaboration tools. For the first-time, users will be able to collaborate fluidly in an organized fashion, across their entire ecosystem of collaboration, from a single account.


Our first ecosystem includes experts in energy, community, engineering and education, collaborating to holistically improve the Bronx River/East River Watershed’s climate resiliency. Also, our founding team has the expertise and values to accelerate our ecosystem-driven platform:

Adam Lobel MSc, Ecosystem Director, started his career as a civil servant in Nagano, Japan, where he planned events to address environmental justice. Later, he earned an Msc at Tokyo City University under Hiromi Kobori, an expert on how climate change affects biodiversity. Adam’s research focused on restoring satoyama, biodiversity-rich agricultural landscape, by integrating modern functionality, including renewable energy. He has advised the U.S. military on biodiversity, and the Japanese Cabinet Office on low-carbon service industries.

Dan Marmar MBA, Managing Director, started his career as Director of Breakthrough NY, where he increased opportunities for underprivileged youth by creating a network of previously unconnected schools and nonprofits. Dan earned an MBA at Oxford, where he subsequently founded ARK Mobile Finance (acquired by Cignifi) by collaborating with the head of Oxford’s Applied Mathematical Institute, Peter Grindrod, as well as emerging market financial institutions and telecoms, to pioneer a credit scoring model for the ‘unbanked’ to improve their quality of life.

Sverre Wendelbo, Technology Director, is a leader in driving innovation for internet communication protocols. He was previously Director at Vidyo, where his team built the video codec for Google Hangouts and the presence engine for Nintendo’s Wii U. He now is Director at Nexmo, where he is developing next generation communication APIs that Sizung is leveraging to develop our communication platform.

Alex Marmar, JD, Product Director, started his career as an attorney managing complex transactions at the international law firms Holland & Knight and White & Case. He has parlayed discipline honed while formulating rational, bulletproof contracts, into an uncanny ability to synthesize complex ideas about digital communication into elegant software product specifications and designs. He also serves as general counsel.

Our climate resiliency ecosystem partners include:

  1. Bronx River Alliance (Protecting the Bronx River corridor)

  2. Akira Tokuhiro (Dean, Energy Systems Faculty, UOIT)

  3. Sustainable South Bronx (Green job training)

  4. Amy Chen (Co-founder, aSolar)

  5. Josh Yu (Micro-grid research & solutions)

  6. RH2 Network (Fuel cells for community-resilience)

Location of Impact

Our prototype ecosystem targets communities in the Bronx River/East River watershed. It scales to provide community-driven energy, infrastructure, creative and resiliency services to other regions, helping to create a global network of low-carbon economic development zones. Sizung’s machine learning intelligence will allow ecosystems around the world to learn lessons from each unique local climate resilience deployment, helping scale locally- appropriate solutions, globally.


by Adam Lobel