You communicate, we organize and prioritize.

Sizung intelligently organizes and prioritizes your digital conversations, so you and your teams can stay focused and in sync to perform.


Your digital ecosystem


In 2017, each of us is at the center of a complex ecosystem of people with whom we communicate to achieve different goals in parallel. 

The ubiquity of digital communication technology like email, sms, messaging and social media, and enterprise collaboration platforms means we are managing an increasing number of digital conversations.

Existing communication technologies are failing us in managing this exponential volume of communication data.  Our conversations are disorganized and fail to reveal their contextual relationship to one another.  Our notifications are driven by what happened last, not what is most important. 

As a result, we spend valuable time everyday searching through conversations to piece together their full context, and being distracted by constant updates about conversations of varying importance.  This daily cognitive tax compromises our individual performance, and the collective performance of our teams, projects and organizations.

Sizung is solving this problem with two basic innovations:

- Automatically mapping the contextual relationships between your conversations as they evolve over time, so you always have access to the full picture of any issue and can make informed decisions more quickly.

- Intelligently navigating your conversations along the path of greatest cognitive efficiency, prioritizing groups of related conversations to maximize your time efficiency and minimize context switching costs. 

Sizung is more than just communication utility.  We are creating a new communication protocol to support what we call the Ecosystem Economy of mission driven individuals working across traditional boundaries to solve the most complex problems facing humanity.

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Our Mission


High performing teams

Sizung is creating the communication central nervous system for a global ecosystem of high performing teams to solve the world's most urgent problems.

We are honored to work with our early adopter ecosystem of leading researchers pushing the boundaries of knowledge to find transformative solutions to complex environmental, energy, health, social and economic challenges. 




Our Team


managing director

Dan Marmar

Previously, co-founder of  Cignifi Inc. UC Berkeley (BA), University of Oxford (MBA, Saïd Scholar).


Ecosystem director

Adam Lobel

Previously, policy scientist for the Cabinet Office, Government of Japan. UC Berkeley (BA), Tokyo City University  (MS, Yoneyama Scholar).

engineering director

Sverre Wendelbo

Director of Sales Engineering Worldwide, Nexmo. Previously, Director System Engineering at Vidyo Inc. University of Paris XII.


Alex Marmar

Previously, associate at Holland & Knight and White & Case. Johns Hopkins University (BA), Columbia University (JD).




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