Map and navigate all your digital work in a unified cognitive structure.


A new paradigm


The modern enterprise is digital. We coordinate our projects through the exchange of data.  The problem is that our digital work is fragmented and disorganized.  Contacts, messages, files, tasks and appointments are all organized independently in products with conflicting logic.  None of these product architectures reflect the organic context of our work.  Further, they prevent us from having a clear and coherent view of the state of all our work. 

Sizung is a new way to manage your digital work through a unified data architecture.  Sizung lets you map and navigate your data in a consistent structure based on a cognitive model of your work.  As an individual, you will gain new focus and productivity through the unification of your data structure.  As a company, you will be able to align your human resources as never before and gain actionable insights to improve the performance of every person, team, project and process. 



Why did we build Sizung?


A global ecosystem of high performing teams

The environmental, social, and eocnomic challenges facing our generation and the ones to follow are massive, complex and urgent.

We designed Sizung to provide the most cognitively efficient way for people to collaborate, in the hopes that we would do our part in helping to accelerate the progress of all the amazing teams working to solve these challenges. 

We are honored to work with our amazing early adopter community of leaders collaborating across sectors, organizations, cultures and geographies to find new solutions to create solutions for a more clean, just, and prosperous world.




Our Team


Sizung is a mission-driven team of entrepreneurs, technologists, engineers, data scientists, and designers headquartered in NYC. 


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