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A new paradigm


Digital messages are the railroad of the information economy. They are the new repositories of all our relationships, discussions, tasks, documents, and appointments.

So why are we asked to independently organize our contacts, messages, projects, files and calendar in separate applications with conflicting logics? 

Sizung lets you organize your messages and the data they contain in one step.

Life is complex.  We manage a diversity of projects across different contexts, each one with its own unique requirements. 

So why are we asked to fit our messages into arbitrary, prefabricated structures like email inboxes, chat channels, and task boards. 

Sizung provides an organic structure that lets you organize your data the way it makes sense to you, adapting to the unique contours of your life, teams, projects, and workflows.

Everyone thinks and works differently.

So why are we asked to sign up others to the software platform we like best?

Sizung lets your people continue using email if they choose, and lead by example with your digital superpowers of organization and productivity. 



Our Vision


A global ecosystem of high performing individuals and teams

The environmental, social, and eocnomic challenges facing our generation and the ones to follow are massive, complex and urgent.

We designed Sizung to provide the most cognitively efficient way for people to collaborate, in the hopes that we would do our part in helping to accelerate the progress of all the amazing teams working to solve these challenges. 

We are honored to work with our amazing early adopter community of leaders collaborating across sectors, organizations, cultures and geographies to find new solutions to create solutions for a more clean, just, and prosperous world.




Our Team


Sizung is a tight, mission-driven team of entrepreneurs, technologists, engineers, data scientists, and designers headquartered in Harlem, NYC, with footprints around the globe. 


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