Welcome to your ecosystem

Sizung is a secure communication network to facilitate collaboration across organizational boundaries.


Free up to 1GB

$10/month up to 1TB

$25/month up to 2TB

Enterprise please contact sales@sizung.com to discuss customization and pricing to suit your organization.




  • Private conversations are the default setting, and are only visible to the people you add to the conversation.

  • Public conversations are an optional setting, and are visible to the entire world, but only people you add to the conversation can post.


  • Personal accounts are registered to personal email accounts like joe@gmail.com. This gives you total personal control over your information, and with whom you share it. Sizung will never read or sell your private data to anyone. Even our machine learning algorithms rely purley on anonymized behavioral signals to help you prioritize, and never the actual content of your messages.

  • Enterprise accounts (registered to a business email address jill@corp.com) will comply with your company’s employee data agreements, including the possibility of message analysis, so post wisely!


  • Your conversations on Sizung are secured by state of the art encryption at rest technology, but we do not claim to be beyond the reach of the NSA or similar agencies.



Life on earth…

We are the first humans to maintain real time digital relationships with a vast network of family, friends and colleagues distributed around the world. The products we use to facilitate these conversations have different ideas about how to organize and secure our information, ideas that very often do not align with the structure of our lives or how we want our data used. We are also the first generations to face existential problems of our own making, problems like for which there are often no known solutions.

On the sunny side, our understanding and technological mastery of the world is growing at equal rates to complexity of our lives and the social and environmental problems we have created. We are also discovering new ways of organizing our resources to achieve our shared interests.

We call this the ecosystem economy.

The pioneers of the ecosystem economy are the global scientific community. As scientific knowledge and expertise have become increasingly specialized and distributed, leading research teams have developed new models of collaboration, which leverage diverse and complimentary research disciplines and institutions (see The Fourth Age of Research). Industry has followed suit, especially in places like Silicon Valley where the world’s most important technology companies depend on complex ecosystems of collaboration between large companies, universities, consultants, and startups to create tomorrow’s products. (see The Great AI Awakening).

The ecosystem economy needs a place to live on the internet.

Sizung is a communication protocol designed to accelerate the ecosystem economy by helping its participants intelligently organize and navigate all of their important conversations in one place. Today, participants in the ecosystem economy depend on a combination of protocols including email (where you can communicate with all your contacts in one place, however it is very fragmented and disorganized) enterprise tools (where you can organize organization specific teams and projects, but force you to silo your information in different accounts) and social networks (where you can track and discover thought leaders related to your goals, but are not suitable for substantive collaboration).

If not us, who, if not now when?

Sizung is a secure communication network designed and built to facilitate the ecosystem economy. Sizung allows you to intelligently organize and navigate all the conversations from a single account, where you can drill down on any context of your life and see who is responsible for doing what by when to achieve your goals. Sizung also allows you to publish public conversations to spread the word about your own work and discover the work of people who could accelerate your work.

We are humbled to have been helps by leaders involved in some of the world’s most complex and inspiring ecosystem collaborations to ensure the network architecture can support any team formation. Sizung is guided by the principle of cognitive economics, applying a neuroscience informed understanding of how our brains organize information to allow each user to work in the most intuitive and efficient manner.

It is our belief that by doing our part to accelerate the ecosystem economy with more intelligent communication technology, we will bring closer the day where future generations inherit a world with abundant clean air, water, food, energy and opportunity for all.