A virtual mind to organize your world.


A virtual mind


Digital connectivity is increasing the volume and velocity of information we rely on to coordinate our complex lives in real time around the world.

The problem is that our digital information is fragmented in different applications like email, tasks, chats, and appointments which are organized inconsistently and have competing notifications. These digital structures are in conflict with the way we organize our world in our minds, where information is interconnected in a unified structure that is responsive to context, temporality and relevance.

Sizung is building the world’s most intelligent protocol for coordinating digital information, inspired by modern neuroscience. Sizung lets you organize your digital information naturally through your organic digital communication. Imagine coming to your device, being able to choose a precise context of your life, and see all the most relevant conversations, appointments, contacts, links and files with the click of a button. Imagine staying in sync effortlessly with your family, friends and teams to achieve your goals.

Sizung helps you organize and leverage your digital information to efficiently achieve your goals efficiently in the real world.

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Our mission


A global ecosystem of high performing teams

The environmental, social, and economic challenges facing our generation and the ones to follow are massively complex and hard to solve. They are also increasingly existential in their scope and urgent in the timeline we have to correct them.

They won’t be solved by the outdated models of large organizations building solutions in competition with others, and seeking their own interests first. They will rely on the collective intelligence and skills of the best people on the planet finding a way to align their personal interests with the greatest global good.

Gratefully, our world is rapidly evolving in this direction. Expertise is increasingly specialized and globally distributed in individuals, which means the most innovative collaborations necessarily transcend traditional boundaries.

Nowhere can this be seen more clearly than in hard core research, both in academic, government, and the private sector. Multi-disciplinary and increasingly global research collaborations are yielding the most innovative solutions to the most radical problems of our time.

We designed Sizung to provide the most cognitively efficient way to collaborate in this new world. And we are honored to work with our amazing early adopter community of leaders working across disciplines, sectors, organizations, cultures and geographies to find new solutions for us.

For Sizung, this mission is not PR, it is the marrow of our team, many of whom are parents who go to bed and wake up thinking about the beautiful world we want to give the next generation.

We believe that if every person and team does their part, we can live on this planet in a way that everyone has access to clean and abundant natural resources, and rich opportunities to learn and create wealth.

Our team at Sizung is humbly yet earnestly working to fulfill our part of that world, by creating the most intelligent communication protocol on the planet. It is our hope that by doing this one thing, we will accelerate the incredible work of the amazing people solving infinitely more complex challenges with courage and brilliance.

May the Force be with us, all.




Our Team


Sizung is a mission-driven team of diversely talented people headquartered in NYC. 


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